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Salvation Army Donation Guide 2023 Form: What You Should Know

Cardigan, 2.50, 10.00. Dress, 10.00, 50.00. Earrings, 3.00, 12.50. Eye Shadow, 3.00, 12.00. Flowers, 5.00, 10.00. Hair Groomer, 3.00, 12.00. Jackets, 1.00, 1.00. Kid's Clothes, 4.00, 6.00. Loafers, 3.00, 20.00. Socks, 3.25, 15.00. Shoes, 5.00, 20.00. T-Shirts, 1.50, 5.00. Sweater, 2.00, 10.00. Trousers, 1.00, 1.00. Sweater, 3.00, 10.00. Jackets, 1.00, 1.00. Kids' Clothing, 4.00, 6.00. Hats, 1.00, 1.00. Hooded Sweatshirt, 1.00, 1.00. Jeans, 8.00, 10.00. Kids' Footwear, 4.00, 6.00. Sunglasses, 5.00, 10.00. Toy, 2.00, 20.00. Toy, 5.00, 20.00. Towels, 3.00, 8.00. Toy, 4.00, 6.00. Water Bottle, 3.00; 5.00; 10.00. Valuation Guide: Bath Towels, 4.00; 8.00. Dress and Shorts, 4.00; 6.00. Flowers, 5.00; 10.00. Garden, 2.00; 10.00. Towels, 3.00; 8.00. Wet Towels, 8.00. Warm Coat, 4.00; 6.00. Garden Items, 10.00; 50.00. Hooded Sweaters, 2.50; 5.50. Jacket, 2.

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FAQ - Salvation Army Donation Guide 2023

What happens to my Salvation Army donations?
People donate goods, or money to the salvation army.Donated Goods:Goods are either donated directly to a store, or scheduled for pick up. Once the goods come back to a store/sorting center they are sorted and given a very quick inspection. Anything that is obviously worn out or inappropriate is set aside to be recycled/thrown out. After being sorted the items are processed to go out on the floor for sale in the location they were donated. Sometimes items will be moved between locations within the same region to balance out inventory.Donated Goods for programs other than their stores (food for the Pantry etc) are processed in a similar manner but then sorted and stored for the given program. The people who do this sorting are paid staff of Salvation Army and very good at their jobs.Donated Money:If you are giving to the Salvation Army online, via check, or with cash/change into one of their red kettles. In 2023 $202.6 million and $380.9 million on fundraising and administration respectively. That is out of $4,078.3 million in total revenue. That works out to about 5% on fundraising, and 9% on administration. For an organization this size those numbers are good (in my opinion). You can read more on the BBB Charity Report. What this tells you is that they will handle your donations well. And if you earmark your donation for a specific purpose the money will be set aside for that.
How have electronic payments affected Salvation Army donations?
You can try the effective payment methods and security safeguards are being widely universal Ccavenue.ccavenue payment gateway integration in Android & ioSVisit : CCAvenue Integration in Android & iOS
Why is the Salvation Army a good charity?
Yes, the Salvation Army is an excellent organization. They are primarily a church, and their doctrine is even more solid than dare I say the baptists?!They don't just preach the gospel, they live it. They LIVE OUT THE GOSPEL IN WORD AND DEED!That's what their social programs and thrift stores are about. No other church does this. The Salvation Army isn't afraid to go into the darkest corners of humanity.Godu2019s love is everywhere. The gospel boils down to u2018love.u2023 Christ saved us by showing us his love and we spread that love to everyone, even those who show themselves as enemies.Someone hurts you, you return it with a gesture of love. Sound naive? They've been around more than 150 years! Believe me they understand the gospel.They don't waste their time debating over correct theology. Paul already did that for us and made Godu2019S Will clear to all of us.They LIVE the gospel and they proclaim what God has been doing along: bringing order out of chaos, letting everyone know they are loved as they are.I recently heard one of their preachers say this: u2018the church has it wrong. They start with sin. But God started the story with creation and declared it good.u2023 That's what we need to proclaim. God sees our sin, forgives us and redeems us. He wants us to know he created us in his image and declared us good.Living love. That's what they are about.The stories you hear about them being biased against homosexuals couldn't be further from the truth. But you have to understand who they are and not buy into the rumors to understand this.I used to tell stories that they just controlled the poor and their thrift stores were about making money for themselves and leaving only the worst items to sell to the poor. I also told stories about them being hypocrites.Well, in every organization you are going to find people who misuse the system. No organization is immune to this. Don't let those kind of people spoil it for you.The Salvation Army is an excellent organization.
How can I donate furniture to The Salvation Army?
Where are you? If you are anywhere in Long Island there's a pickup number to call. As a matter of fact go on http://salvational.org and follow the prompts, and it should take you right where you need to go.
What happens to donations the Salvation Army can't use?
Many of the things donated that canu2019t be used are recycled in various ways. Unfortunately many things are also taken to the landfill because they just canu2019t be used. When I worked there I had to suggest not taking tube TVs at all because most didnu2019t work and were just adding to the landfill costs. A lot of donors were not happy about it but the cost of fixing televisions is more than they can be sold for even at thrift rates.
What are your reasons to give or not to give donations to the Salvation Army?
Salvation Army is one of the most transparent organizations I have found! The leadership does not receive inflated salaries, they are open to all (despite the bad publicity regarding LBGTQ) they will prhelp to anyone who asks, regardless. Their thrift stores are just another means of supporting their mission.Yes, they are a Church organization, but they actually live their faith and believe their mission is faith in action. They operate food programs, homeless programs and shelters for domestic violence victims. Their focus is on helping the average person who has fallen on hard times. Ask any military person worldwide who they support and why - the Sal Army is usually at the top of their list and Red Cross is usually at the very bottom. Salvation Army doesnu2019t charge for their services. At most, they will ask you to sit through a sermon - if you donu2019t believe, you can sit quietly and donu2019t have to listen.
Do you respect Ezekiel Elliot more for making a $21 donation into the Salvation Army kettle instead of jumping into it?
(An earlier version of this question was about whether Elliot's donation would inspire me to donate.)The short answer is no, because neither I nor my husband follow sports at all, and I had to look up who Ezekiel Elliot is, upon seeing this question.The longer answer is no, because, while I donate money and used household goods throughout the year, I make an effort to choose effective charitable organizations in line with my values, which the Salvation Army is not. Twelve reasons to reject the Salvation Army describes where they stand, and whether or not they've made any real changes in the few years since, I don't wish to invest in an entity that pushes religion and prolongs intolerance with its charity. (The NFL stands for an assortment of values I also don't share, but that is a story for another day.)I won't criticize the amount of the donation. Elliot's 2023 salary is $2.7M, and $21 is pocket change for most anyone these days, but I don't know whether Elliot makes additional donations privately, when he can pay with other than cash, when the amount is not symbolic of a score, or when he's not trying to make the point that even small donation amounts can add up and make a big difference. To me, all those are valid reasons for a wealthy and well-known person to donate a small amount of money.And who knows, perhaps Elliot shares my dim view of the organization and only made a small donation because the team or the NFL is promoting it.
Which organization is better to donate items to: Salvation Army or Goodwill?
I think it comes down to personal choice. In my [biased] opinion,Goodwill is a for-profit business. With an owner making millions. Some say they hire otherwise unemployable or underemployed individuals. One could also say they find the cheapest labor and management possible. The Salvation Army is non-profit, and all money that goes into the store funnels back into the church and organization to help more and more people. I am not an active Christian or Salvation Army church member. I much rather support a non-profit where money at least goes to their cause. IMO, it's better than NO cause- and just a person, getting rich. So I believe the Salvation Army is a better place to donate goods. :)
How do I explain to my dad not to donate to the Salvation Army?
I appreciate the concern expressed in the question. The Salvation Army as a whole is another denomination separate from Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, etc. As such, I, as a member of another denomination would not support their u201creligion.u201d However, the Salvation Army does things which few other denominations do in caring for the poor, downtrodden, needy, mentally ill, especially those who have fallen through the cracks of our governmental social service agencies. I, at one time thought it not right to give to a church different from my own. However, I have given in the past to support different projects of human care administered by the Salvation Army, with the understanding I was giving to the project not to support their denomination (a. k. a. u201cchurchu201d). St. Paul wrote: So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith. (Gal 6:10 [ESV2011])
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