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I want to participate in a habitat for humanity build this summer, but I can't afford the $1500 minimum donation fee. How can I raise this money?
Call Habitat for Humanity and ask them for their scholarship program, go to the priest, rabbi, mosque leader where you attend and tell them what you want, go to the school you attend and tell them you need the money for this and show perfect proof of your intentions (this can go on your record as part of your future job experiences and other great things on your resume), go online and look up the state/county scholarship programs and fill out the applications for help (start now the state is slow), if you have ever worked and paid into unemployment, apply for that unemployment (it is yours and legal), go to the local business where you live and ask each one for a donation ($50.00 from the flower shop, 25,00 from Vons, 30.00 from the beauty supply, 20.00 for the mailbox company, 45.00 from fed ex and staples and Walmart and Walgreens and Rite aide and CVS and you get the picture. Hit the malls because all the shops are in one place. It adds up quickly. Since you are young, they will talk to you quickly. Next summer is 12 months away. You have plenty of time to make this money. Open a HFH account at the bank and put all the money in there. In no time you will have $3000.00 and you can invite a friend. If you are lying, it will backfire on you. Tell your parents what you are doing so you have some protection.$10.00 here and $100.00 there and, and, and you will get all your money and then some. YOU have to work for what you want. You could also get an after school or after work job (yes, two jobs, imagine that!) just for this project. Make sure you put the money where it is not easily accessible (in the bank account) or you will spend it or your brother will spend it or your sister or maybe even mom and dad. Money in the house is tempting to most people. (It calls to them in the middle of the night and wants you/them to go get something with it. I am not joking. Money is charming and tantalizing to most all people.)Okay, you have your work cut out for you. Get cracking. Get back to me when you have collected all and tell me how the application process worked out for HFH.
How far out in space would one need to be for the entire universe to just fill the field of vision of the human eye, 120 degrees? Wouldn’t this be a rather simple calculation?
If you ask “How far away from a point would I need to be such that a sphere centered on that point having a unit radius occupies a field of vision that is defined as a circular field of vision that is 120 degrees across?”Yes, that is a rather simple calculation. You would need to be outside the sphere twice the unit radius away from the center point.For your question, as written, you have the following problems:1) “How far out in space” - far out from what, where you started from? from some other point?2) “The entire Universe” - is it finite? is it a sphere? If not, what shape is it? How far is it across?3) “to just fill” - this implies that you would be outside of it. How did that happen? What do you call the stuff that is in your peripheral vision beyond the 120 degrees?
I am building a lifestyle for an inspirational fashion clothing line for Christians based on biblical messages and values. I don't have money to launch it. I have used GoFundMe and nothing has happened. How can I reach out to seek donations?
You should start with your own community and your church before reaching out to strangers. There are thousands of fashion brands begging for money at crowdfunding sites at any given time. From the way you have written your question, you clearly have no marketing or have any experience building a fashion brand previously. Reality check: There are many well-funded, more experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record and are much better connected, therefore much more likely to succeed than you are in the eyes of people willing to give money to invest. The fact that you asked for "donations" you are essentially begging and have no intention of making money or returning people's money. Again, there are millions of worthy causes for strangers to "donate" to, how are you making your case that you are more worthy than others?If you have no experience, no credentials, than your best bet would be to ask for money from those who can ignore that and fund you because they care about you and believe in your project and that will only be people you already have relationships with.
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